Over the past few years, either Jay Shorr or myself  have written on a number of topics.

Today, we received an email from a client asking for our suggestion on purchasing an autoclave from eBay.

Our response? We always advise our clients against this. Our reason is because you don’t know what type of warranty is associated with the machine at the time of purchase. (As a potential buyer, you don’t know if maintenance had been performed. In addition, damage could occur during shipping. This may or may not be covered on the warranty and other issues may factor in; it’s relevant that when you go to sterilize your equipment that it’s definitely sterile.)

A number of factors can invalidate your equipment. Factors such as moving or selling your equipment to maintenance by unauthorized vendors.

For more information and tips, check out Jay’s piece in Medical Office Today on 5 Ways to Invalidate Equipment Warranties.

Invalidating Equipment Warranties