There are certain aspects of owning a medical practice that just come with the territory, like leasing (or buy) office lease, credit card processing fees and purchasing office supplies, just to name a few.  (“Cutting credit card processing fees?” You might be asking how that’s possible, since clearly you need to process credits to operate your business.  We’ve got a Shorr Solution. Click here to learn more about how to minimize your credit card processing fees.)

But before you just write them off as expenses, did you know all of these items, and more, can be negotiated?

That’s right: there’s more to a lease then just the monthly payments.  For example, what about money allocated for renovations or the mandated hours of operation? There are so many things that you can negotiate!  We recognize that each and every week, your medical practice could be leaving money on the table.

Click here to read more about the top 5 items in your practice that you didn’t know were negotiable in this MEDIcal Spa article, written by our own Mara Shorr and Jay Shorr.

As always we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here for any help on negotiating.  From leases to lasers, employee salaries to your next big purchase… we’re happy to help.

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