Marketing Tips for Your Practice in the COVID Era

With online lead generation being one of the only avenues to create a larger client base right now, marketing tips to market your brand are as necessary as ever. Between keeping your SEO (search engine optimization) rankings high and making sure your Google My Business page is strong, marketing your practice can be one of the most time-consuming and detail-oriented projects inside of any small business. Together, we want to help you come out of the COVID-19 era even stronger.

Our team has put together a few marketing tips to help you with your endeavors:

1) Order practice-branded PPE masks for your staff, and include a free mask (PPE) with all skincare orders of a certain amount. Creating brand awareness is one of the most important things you can do for your business. With masks now deemed a mandatory accessory, this is the perfect opportunity for you to send masks out for your patients and to also provide them for your staff. Having the branded masks be a part of your staff’s uniform can create a more cohesive look, along with another point of contact for your logo to be seen.

2) Call those patients who had consultations 6+ months ago and told your patient care coordinators they didn’t have the downtime for the procedure. NOW THEY HAVE THE TIME TO RECOVER AT HOME! This is a huge opportunity to convert those leads into permanent patients. We know now a majority of people have more free time than ever before and excuses for not wanting to go out in public, so reach back out to those prospects and get them in for another appointment.

3) Offer to put all skincare regimens on an auto-ship program. Our lives and brains are fuller now than they have ever been; make purchasing skincare as easy for your patients as possible. With convenience services for shopping and easily acquiring our favorite things (think automatic subscriptions your opt-in for) at an all-time high, your patients will love and certainly appreciate this.

4) Create “mask-ne” (play on the word acne) skincare packages, and promote and sell them as separate packages to include both skincare products and in-office treatments combined. Unless the average person works in a hospital, their skin is likely not used to having a mask on for hours at a time. We are seeing a trend of people having acne caused by the irritation and moisture buildup in their masks. This is a chance to sell, sell, sell! Put together a package that gears toward prolonged mask users and get it out to your clients and potential new clients.

By carefully following trends in the aesthetic industry, we are discovering these four tips will help your practice generate more revenue very efficiently. This is the time to be innovative and step out of your comfort zone. Take these four marketing tips and run with them. Get your brand out there and in the line of sight, call those passive patients, put those skincare regimens on auto-ship, and reap the rewards.

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