You’ve been there before: you take on a new patient or client, and the next thing you know, you’re dealing with a negotiator, a hypochondriac, a non-compliant patient, or… well, you get it.

A difficult patient or client can wreak havoc on your practice, your time and your staff.

As former medical practice owners ourselves, our partners, father-daughter team Jay Shorr and Mara Shorr know a thing or two about handling a difficult patient.

Whether it be from simply not being able to meet their expectations or patients believe that all follow up treatments should be free, we’ve been there before. You name it, we’ve experienced it … and overcome it.

Want to know how? Click here to read Jay Shorr’s article, “How to Deal with a Difficult Patient,” in Modern Aesthetics magazine to learn more, or click here to read more on the topic in Jay’s article in Skin Inc. magazine.

But what to focus on? What are the main components you should focus on when dealing with a difficult client or a difficult patient?

Click here to check out the article written by Shorr Solutions partner Mara Shorr, VP of marketing and business development, on the five principles in dealing with a difficult client gut instincts to “breaking up”.

Stuck on how to deal with difficult patients in your medical practice or medspa?  We’re here to help coach you through it!  Click here to contact us today!