Social Media.

As a practice administrator, doctor, aesthetician, nurse practitioner, physicians assistant or a surgeon, you take pride in your work and the work of your office. Whether it’s giving your client flawlessly glowing skin from a facial or seeing the smile on a patient’s face as they see their frown lines disappear, the artistry, patient care and treatment of your patients and clients are something in which you take great pride.

However, we live in an internet and social media age where all opinions are open for the world to see, and everyone believes that their opinion is gospel.

When you see someone questioning the work of you, your providers or your other team members, your first reaction could be to jump to defend your practice.  However, take note: we’re offering tips on how to deal with negative feedback online.  (Rest assured, at some point, you WILL receive a negative review.  Whether it’s Yelp, Facebook, Healthgrades, Instagram, Google Reviews or another channel of their choice, at some point, it’s bound to happen!)

Click here to find out how Mara Shorr, our partner and vice president of marketing and business development of Shorr Solutions, creates a step by step plan in “How to Handle Negative Feedback Online,” written for the Electrology Association of California.

Click here to read more from her article in Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa!

As a Certified Aesthetic Consultant, Mara Shorr has years of experience and shares her do’s and dont’s on to address negative feedback on social media.

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