Mara Shorr - Women in Aesthetics

We’re so excited to announce that our immensely talented and knowledgeable partner, Mara Shorr, has been featured on the “Women in Aesthetics” column for The Aesthetic Guide digital magazine.

Over the years, Mara has risen to become a true expert and key opinion leader for the aesthetic industry community. This notable recognition, however, was not always the case as Mara first entered the aesthetic industry just under a decade ago to join her father (and business partner), Jay Shorr, in running our company Shorr Solutions.

In her feature, Mara shares where her journey all began and discloses the best business decision she’s ever made- “I never thought that I would partner with my father in business. My career started in the non-profit world, after all. But, I tell people every day that it is the smartest move I have ever made in business.” She continues to explain, “We are alike where we need to be alike – completely aligned on providing high-quality services to our clients – but we are different where we need to be different and can provide both our clients, and our own business, with different perspectives through our different views, backgrounds, and passions.”

A lover of educating others and guiding the path to reaching their goals, Mara has become a respected speaker and industry staple for conference circuits. She shares, “I’ve always had a passion for sharing knowledge. Being able to teach on so many conference faculties is such a dream come true – I love knowing that by sharing my knowledge I can help others grow THEIR dreams.”

Read more fun facts about Mara, her most notable accomplishments, and ways she loves to give back in her “Women in Aesthetics” feature here!