Let’s be honest: Choosing the right employees for your practice can make or break your business. After all, your receptionist is the first face and voice your patients see when they walk through your doors or call your phones. Surely, a bad employee will cost you money. Certainly, they could cost you money in wasted time, poor customer interactions, company drama, and theft.

We’re proud to write for a number of industry publications. This includes Jay Shorr’s latest piece for MedEsthetics magazine, “Proper Employee Selection,”. This will be in the July/August edition. We know this topic is important to you. Overtime, we’ve received dozens of questions about employee selection at each conference we’ve been to.  (You may remember our previous post on hiring a new employee here.)

Further, we offer you this piece.  Click here to read it in full.

In fact, whether you’re opening a brand new medical practice or are tired of the staff turnover, we know this piece will hit home.

Proper Employee Selection