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Site Visits and Medical Practice Evaluations

The Shorr Solutions team is proud to bring our decades of medical practice management experience to your aesthetic practice with a customized visit to your office. We want to visit YOUR practice and see how we can help elevate it and take it to the next level.

We Are Experienced Medical Practice Owners 

At Shorr Solutions, we understand how your medical practice is run. Indeed, this also means understanding WHY your staff runs late, the drama that can take place, and how to handle situations like when a staff member accidentally damages equipment or technology. We work with practices across the United States and Canada, and we’re happy to help you bounce back from whatever issues are troubling you. Whether you are overworked, underpaid, or dealing with drama, we’ve seen it all and can guide you toward a solution.

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What’s Included in a Site Visit?

  • An extensive practice questionnaire for you to complete prior to the visit prompts a deeper dive into the practice’s analytics. We will evaluate things such as your employee organization, insurance comparisons, fee-for-service comparisons, financials, tax returns, and more.
  • 2-3 days of onsite evaluation in your practice to review issues that you feel are important. The evaluation includes your protocols, policies, procedures, staffing, employees, and marketing strategy. The length of the visit is determined by the number of locations your practice has, the size of your staff, and more.
  • Meals with Jay Shorr and/or Mara Shorr, including lunch and dinner to review items discovered during the visit. We find that sharing meals with management allows us to stay on track during the visit and review any issues.
  • A follow-up site visit evaluation report of ALL of the findings that we’ve uncovered during the visit, as well as recommended solutions. It is important to note that this evaluation is included in the price of your visit. It is not an extra charge. Here are just a few of the items we address in the report:
    • Billing issues, including late insurance reimbursements, deposits, bounced checks, credit card processing fees, and high financing charges.
    • Safety concerns, including a complete evaluation of your in-office procedure rooms and surgery center. We check everything from your crash carts to your power cords, OSHA training, signage, fire extinguisher expiration, and more!
    • Patient flow, HIPAA violations, and opportunities for improvement.
    • Staffing, including how your staff REALLY feels about your systems, relationships, and role as a boss. We review your employee handbook and benefits program. Additionally, we also speak with as many staff members as possible. We do this to make sure that each staff member is in the best role for them.
    • Phone skills, including listening to how your team answers the phone, schedules patient appointments, follows up with patients, and adheres to HIPAA and PHI.
    • Marketing consultations with your marketing team leader, evaluating internal marketing in your reception area and exam rooms, how productive your website is, how your team responds to leads, and how they’re following up with patients who don’t book the day of the consultation. We work with your staff to suggest additional systems.
    • Inventory control, looking at who’s handling your inventory system, how, and what they’re doing to prevent theft inside your office!
  • Ongoing support for your practice to work through all of the pain points that we’ve addressed and discovered. Furthermore, we will work together to improve your practice’s efficiency, marketing mix, patient conversion, upsell, financial security, and more!

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