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IFFPSS 2020 (9th World Congress of Facial Plastic Surgery)

We’re so delighted to invite you to join Jay Shorr at the IFFPSS 9th World Congress! This 4-day facial plastic surgery meeting will be held from Thursday, February 6, 2020 to Sunday, February 9, 2020 at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) in Taipei, Taiwan.


Our founder and managing partner, Jay Shorr, will be traveling over seas to lecture you on the following six topics for your cosmetic medical practice growth:

  • What to Include In Your Practice’s Business Plan
  • The Benefits of Proper Employee Selection: Training, Retaining and Motivating Your Most Valuable Employees 
  • The Top 6 Negotiating Tips EVERY Business Person Should Know
  • Your Exit Plan: Planning Ahead for Retirement 
  • Banishing Employee Theft In Your Office 
  • Top 10 Ways To Save Money in Your Practice


This knowledge is so important for you to learn so you can impact the present and future prosperity of your business. Investing in receiving education in these areas will help you have an effective and viable business plan in place, learn how to hire, motivate and keep team members for the long haul, save money on costly equipment and investments for your practice, plan for your retirement because honestly, you do want to retire someday (maybe soon!), and finally, prevent and stop employee theft in it’s tracks (learn the warning signs of your staff stealing and what to do when you’ve caught them!).


We hope to see you at the IFFPSS 2020 World Congress and welcome you there!


Also, don’t forget to say “hi” when you see Jay! If you need help in your cosmetic medical practice, schedule a time to meet with Jay Shorr at the conference here or contact us for further information!


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