About Denise Lee

Denise is the Marketing Assistant here at Shorr Solutions. She is a current student at the University of Central Florida majoring in human communications. She loves learning all things marketing, and eating at local restaurants and dancing Latin music for fun.

WE WON! 2020 Aesthetic Everything Award Winners 4th Year in a Row!

Awesome News: Our team has won THREE Aesthetic Everything Awards for the 4th Year in a Row! It is with great pleasure that we share this exciting news because we love [...]

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Staying on Track With Your Aesthetic Practice’s 2020 Resolutions

We're now a few weeks into 2020, which means that it's time to check in on your resolutions to improve your aesthetic practice. We're talking about the goals you've set [...]

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Influencer Marketing: How to Work With Influencers in Your Practice (Without Treating Them for Free!)

Watch Mara Shorr and Jay Shorr's live interview at the 2019 Aesthetic Show conference to learn how to work with influencers to without treating them for free. Then [...]

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How to Keep Your Employees: Top Things Your Staff Needs to Stay for the Long Haul

Keeping your employees may be an area where you find your aesthetic practice struggling in, but have no fear, we are here to help. In this blog post we are [...]

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Jay Shorr Has Been Appointed to the Adjunct Faculty of FAU!

Congratulations to our founding partner, Jay Shorr, on his latest appointment to the adjunct faculty of Florida Atlantic University (FAU) which will officially begin in January 2020. At FAU, Jay [...]

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Top Things to Keep in Mind if You Plan to Sell Your Spa or Medical Practice in the Next Five Years

As some people dream to open a new medical business for the first time or open a new location, you might unexpectedly find yourself on the other side of the [...]

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Winners of 2019 Best Practice Management Company Award! SECOND Year in a Row!

We’re thrilled to announce that our Shorr Solutions partners, father-daughter Jay Shorr and Mara Shorr, have won The Aesthetic Show's coveted 2019 Best Practice Management Company Award! Last year, 2018, was [...]

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