About Denise Lee

Denise is the Marketing Coordinator here at Shorr Solutions. A lover of all things marketing and business development, Denise enjoys strengthening her skills and growing her knowledge about branding, social media and digital marketing. When she’s not “in the office” (our team works from home!) she can be found dining at local restaurants, dancing Latin music, or reading a lifestyle/cooking magazine.

Our Partner Mara Shorr Has Been Featured on The Aesthetic Guide’s ‘Women in Aesthetics’!

We're so excited to announce that our immensely talented and knowledgeable partner, Mara Shorr, has been featured on the "Women in Aesthetics" column for The Aesthetic Guide digital magazine. [...]

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Shorr Solutions: The Podcast: Ep. 24 – When We’re OVER the Word ‘Unprecedented’ w/ Mara Shorr

       In this episode of Shorr Solutions: The Podcast, "When We're OVER the Word 'Unprecedented'",  host Mara Shorr describes nine alternative phrases to use in your [...]

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Top Mistakes When Opening a New Aesthetic Practice

When opening a new practice there are so many things to consider. Deciding your branding, hiring and onboarding team members, and even picking out the equipment for your office are [...]

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Navigating Through Financial Uncertainty

In this ever-changing climate, as a practice owner, you have to use different strategies and resources to help keep your business afloat. The COVID-19 business shutdown certainly brought new challenges [...]

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What Should I Include in My Practice’s Onboarding Checklist?

We created this helpful onboarding checklist to help you with a very important process in your practice: the onboarding of a new employee! Properly onboarding an employee can prevent confusion [...]

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Methods to Improve Team Performance in Your Practice

Whether you're operating your own practice, are opening a new practice for the first time, or are looking to expand, finding the right balance of strong skills, teamwork, [...]

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Brand Awareness: 10 Ways Your Staff Can Bring Credential to Your Spa

Credentialing your spa will help you grow your practice and increase your chances for long term success. The way you present and credential yourself is incredibly important, and it is [...]

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