About Denise Lee

Denise is the Marketing Assistant here at Shorr Solutions. She is a current student at the University of Central Florida majoring in human communications. She loves learning all things marketing, eating at local restaurants and dancing Latin music for fun.

What Should I Include in My Practice’s Onboarding Checklist?

We created this helpful onboarding checklist to help you with a very important process in your practice: the onboarding of a new employee! Properly onboarding an employee can prevent confusion [...]

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Methods to Improve Team Performance in Your Practice

Whether you're operating your own practice, are opening a new practice for the first time, or are looking to expand, finding the right balance of strong skills, teamwork, [...]

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Brand Awareness: 10 Ways Your Staff Can Bring Credential to Your Spa

Credentialing your spa will help you grow your practice and increase your chances for long term success. The way you present and credential yourself is incredibly important, and it is [...]

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How to Use Protocols & Plans to Increase Your Financial Success Post-COVID-19 – Crystal Clear Virtual Practice Workshop Live Recording

Reopening your practice after being shut down for nearly two months is scary. That's why our practice management experts, Jay Shorr and Mara Shorr, came to your rescue [...]

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Maximize Practice Revenue with Lead Management – Coffee & Conversation Video Series Episode With Mara Shorr

Acquiring new patients is the lifeline of your practice's growth. That's why when a patient calls or walks into your office, what happens next is very important to [...]

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Kick Starter Marketing: Getting Your Business Out There in Today’s Climate – Live Webinar Recording

Our world and our industry have done a complete 180, and things have shifted in giant ways. As you’re learning to navigate the changes, our partners, Jay Shorr [...]

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