How To Use Internal Marketing To Boost Revenue in Your Medical Practice or Medspa

There are countless way to market to consumers. Whether you're considering billboards, radio or television commercials, print ad campaigns or social media sponsored or boosted posts in your campaigns, the [...]

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How To Track Your Medical Practice or Medspa Marketing Efforts

Marketing is a major part of any business, let alone a cosmetic or aesthetic medical practice or medspa.  It allows you to reach a new clientele as well makes sure [...]

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How to Provide Safety In The Medical Workplace

If you've heard us lecture before, you've heard us say that safety is the number one priority in your medical practice.  The safety of your staff, the safety of your [...]

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How to Manage Questions About Collections: Top 10 Most FAQs About Collections in Your Medical Practice

As a medical practice, there’s plenty of ways clients may try to pay for their treatments.  While some of our clients still have some portion of their patient income come [...]

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How to Hire the Right Practice Administrator

Your practice administrator or practice manager is the person who is supposed to help take your practice to the next level. With all the newly placed responsibility on someone else, [...]

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How to Deal With Negative Feedback Online

Social Media. As a practice administrator, doctor, aesthetician, nurse practitioner, physicians assistant or a surgeon, you take pride in your work and the work of your office. Whether it’s giving [...]

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