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How To Save Money In Your Medical Practice

You’re spending.. and spending.. and spending like it's going out of style. Whether we’re talking about credit card processing fees or simply restocking supplies for your office, EVERYTHING has a price. But are you overpaying? There’s simple tactics that can be used to make sure you’re continuously minimizing and lowering costs and saving money [...]

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How To Put Your Technology To Use

In today’s world, technology rules everything. You’re in constant contact with family and friends regardless of locations and time difference. You utilize technology in your personal life on a regular basis. Have you considered how to make your medical practice tech-savvy as well? Why have your receptionist use paid time to call a patient [...]

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How To Successfully Grow Your Team

Business is booming and the pressure is on. By now, you know it’s time to add another provider to your team. Maybe it’s another physician, surgeon, aesthetician, nurse or physicians assistant. But before jumping to hire just anyone, it’s important to understand what needs you need filled. For example, take inventory of your practice. [...]

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How To Purchase A Laser

That dear old friend: Mr. Laser. It was the brand new, innovative, top-of-the-line piece of equipment to hit the market when you first bought it. Whether you bought it for laser hair removal or photo facials, IPL treatments or vaginal rejuvenation. Now…. It just sits in the stock room collecting dust.  (We affectionately call [...]

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Effective Business Leadership Styles-Infographic

From time to time, we, at The Best Medical Business Solutions, are lucky enough to be contacted by companies looking to share their great infographics. When that happens, we love sharing them with you! Looking for inspiration on different types of leadership styles to assist in growing both your management and employee leadership? Fantastic! [...]

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The Cost of Stress On Your Business

From time to time, we see infographics we really enjoy.  We were lucky enough to receive an email from the team at Enmast.com, letting us know they thought readers of Shorr Solutions value their findings. Courtesy of: EnMast.com About Shorr Solutions: Shorr Solutions is a practice management consulting company with offices in South and [...]

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Selling Your Spa or Medical Practice

Whether it’s been a few years or a few decades since you’ve built your medical practice or spa, there comes a time in the lives of almost all physicians and owners when you’re ready to sell.  Perhaps it’s time to retire and travel, spending more time with loved ones.  Perhaps you’re moving out of [...]

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Article Roundup: Charging For a New Procedure, Prepping For Tax Season and Social Media Background Checks

At Shorr Solutions, we’re proud to write for a variety of industry publications.  We have monthly columns in Plastic Surgery Practice, Modern Aesthetics and ASOCP Connect, for instance, and write regularly for Dermascope and Skin Inc. as well.  We’re proud of the education we’re able to bring to the table, and want to make sure you don’t [...]

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Your Prescription to Maintain Independence From Hospitals

As we enter the New Year, we have seen an ever increasing amount of physicians selling their practices to large groups and hospital-based establishments. Soon to be a thing of the past are the solo practitioners who maintained their own independence strictly on their own merit of practicing medicine the way it was designed: [...]

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Wedding Photos, Marketing Tips and Breast Cancer Awareness

Content on our blog has been slower than normal; blame that on catching up after a full calendar of spring and summer of conferences, traveling to see clients across the country and, if you must, Mara’s wedding. Looking to see more photos. Be sure to check out Facebook here. [...]

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