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The Ins and Outs of a Successful Negotiation

Negotiations are the wheels that keep the American economy working. In today’s world, everything is negotiable and still at times, you may not know where to start. Let’s talk about how to negotiate. Before signing the dotted line, make sure you’ve reviewed all the facts of your contract and truly agree to all the [...]

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How to Handle Working with Outside Facilities

As a surgeon, there’s a sense of pride in all the work you do. Your work is your art and even Picasso had a vision for his paintings and might have added an extra tweak at the end just to give it that wow effect. However, when you take one of your patients outside [...]

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Shorr-Fire Tips for Hiring a New Consultant

Hiring a new consultant is a major decision within any practice. It can either drive in business or can cause you lose current clients. So, it’s imperative that you make the right choice. Click here to read Jay Shorr’s article in Modern Aesthetics’ on what to look for in a new consultant from benefits [...]

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You’re Online. What Now?

You’ve done it. You’ve launched that online store with all your merchandise that clients have been asking for. But, what now? Check out Mara’s article in Dermascope Magazine where she explains the Ins and Outs of starting an online store and how to increase services. Click here to read more now! Yes, online retail [...]

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How To Tell If You’re Ready To Be On Your Own

As an employee, there are certain business details that are beyond your daily scope of work. (You come to work and enjoy doing the job you love, but don’t worry about the financials of the business, hiring a new staff members, selecting new patient software or costs of a new laser, for instance.) However, [...]

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How to Work with Family in Your Business

As a father-daughter duo, Mara and Jay Shorr understand the opportunities (and challenges) associated with working with family. We've seen family feuds in our clients' businesses to all-out brawls and wars; there’s no problem they haven’t encountered and overcome. As much as you may love your brother, sister, father or beloved mother, there must [...]

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How To Motivate Your Staff During The Slow Season

With summer in full swing, you may notice the staff seems a little “distracted.” It’s understandable, but it’s not good for business. Wondering how to combat a slow summer in your medical practice? Consider the following: Schedule lunch-and-learn sessions with your vendors to ensure those relationships are being kept intact as well as keeping [...]

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How To Manage Your Practice

Have you been wondering about ways to improve the flow of your office? Wanting to launch that new digital campaign but not quite sure where to start? What about getting more use out of your office technology? We understand. From achieving the right combination of staff members, deciding whether it’s the right time to [...]

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To Groupon Or Not?

Groupon. The craze that swept the nation. With so many businesses using Groupon as a marketing strategy, it can appear as a lucrative strategy to increase traffic at your practice. Let’s just pump the brakes for a moment, shall we? Before offering a dramatic discount on your services, there are a few factors that [...]

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How to Create a Strong E-Newsletter

We all get them: e-newsletters.  Filling up your inbox faster than you can delete them, with promises of one-day sales and show specials.  Some you read as soon as they appear, while others go straight to the trash bin.  When used correctly, any good marketing company will tell you that they're an effective part of [...]

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